“Indiepop is in tatters and the ashes are all around us, and yet, and yet, a record this vital and brave, a record this alive, gives us hope for the future. Suck A Lemon succeeds by being smarter, sharper, and realer than its contemporaries. And if you don’t like it, I think you know by now what you can go do.” – Innocent Words Magazine


“The song I keep revisiting is ‘About You.’ The ‘manifesto for non-conformity’ drew me in with guitars reminiscent of “I Want To Be Adored” (Stone Roses) together with mischievous Kim-Deal-style-bass and nostalgic keyboard riffs – making my heart both swell and swirl.” – Three Imaginary Girls


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Hailing from Los Angeles, RAT FANCY serves up heavy doses of twee punk. Formed in the summer of 2016 after binge listening to throwback bands like Life Without Buildings, Strawberry Switchblade and Polaris, the group got its start when Diana Barraza (ex-Sweater Girls) and Gregory Johnson recorded six tracks in their bedroom. Joined by friend Gavin Glidewell on drums, the group made their live debut at SXSW in 2017.


With songs ranging from the paranormal to the extremely personal, RAT FANCY is about not letting small-minded opinions stand in your way. Their debut EP “Suck A Lemon” was released May 26, 2017 on Athens, Georgia- based label Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records.