Hailing from Los Angeles, Rat Fancy serves up jangling guitars and steady drumming that swells into infectious choruses that stick in your head. Formed by ex-Sweater Girls singer/guitarist Diana Barraza and Gregory Johnson (guitar, bass, keyboard, drums), their debut EP “Suck A Lemon” was released in 2017 on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records. They are currently working on their LP, produced by David Newton of C-86 legends The Mighty Lemon Drops.


“Indiepop is in tatters and the ashes are all around us, and yet, and yet, a record this vital and brave, a record this alive, gives us hope for the future. Suck A Lemon succeeds by being smarter, sharper, and realer than its contemporaries. And if you don’t like it, I think you know by now what you can go do.” – Innocent Words Magazine


“The song I keep revisiting is ‘About You.’ The ‘manifesto for non-conformity’ drew me in with guitars reminiscent of “I Want To Be Adored” (Stone Roses) together with mischievous Kim-Deal-style-bass and nostalgic keyboard riffs – making my heart both swell and swirl.” – Three Imaginary Girls

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