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Red Pony Clock/ RAT FANCY/ Matt Harnish (BUNNYGRUNT)/ Googolplexia at Redwood

We’re back from SXSW! Come hang at the Redwood Bar on Sunday, March 26. Show starts at 8PM. More info here:

Red Pony Clock –
Psychedelic pop orchestra with too many members for this stage, or their own good. Gonna probably do a russian nesting dolls thing or something.

Rat Fancy –
Ex Sweater Girls,serving up some sweet indie-pop goodness. Yummy, yummy, yummy in your tummy, tummy, tummy.

Matt Harnish –
Big poppa of Legendary St Louie Twee-poppers who happen to also be punk as fuck, Bunnygrunt. Strumming a pink guitar and reminding you that you’ll never be as cool as you hoped you’d be, but he will.

Googolplexia –
Bastard son of Weird Al Yankovic and a sentient blueberry pancake monster. Ukeleles & Accordions and all that nerdy shit, but still somehow cooler than you, you fuckin nerd!!